What Are the Myths Regarding Hypnosis?

Many myths surround hypnosis and they are just that, myths.

First of all, you Will Not Be Asleep during hypnosis. You will be very relaxed similar to that moment just before you fall asleep. You will hear everything the therapist says including other noises in the room. The therapist will tell you that hearing those sounds will only make you relax more.  Also, you can NEVER get stuck in hypnosis. You are ALWAYS in control of what you do and say. The therapist can never make you do or say anything you do not want. Often, people think of hypnosis as “Stage Hypnosis” where the hypnotist makes the person walk like a chicken or talk like a duck.  That is strictly for entertainment purposes and never has a place in therapy. When you come to hypnotherapy, you are coming to change a bad behavior or improve upon good ones; therefore, your subconscious only accepts suggestions made regarding those issues.